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This guy rocks. I love the service and how he uses technology to make being a customer so easy to please!

David M.

Picking any kind of repair service blindly off the Internet, without the benefit of a recommendation, is risky business. But I totally lucked out in this instance. Having decided to mow my own lawn this year, rather than use a service, I knew my lawn mower needed some serious help to get in tip-top shape. It was running, but barely. My problem was that it was difficult to lug it to a repair shop, and my past experience has been that shops often take weeks to get to a small lawn mower when they have bigger jobs to do. My problem was solved when I discovered At Home Lawn Mower Repair. I called to make an appointment and spoke with the owner, David, and explained what the problem was. He knew what model of mower I had merely based on my poor generalized description, and he correctly determined what the problem was. Impressive! He arrived on time at my home, in a van that is basically a repair shop on wheels. He was polite, friendly, professional and did a fantastic job. He was done in less than 2 hours, and the price was extremely fair. The mower blade was so dull it couldn't be sharpened, and he offered to either pick one up and come back to install it, or allow me to purchase one myself to save money. As a small business owner myself, I appreciate not only his courtesy, but his providing a great service at a great price.

Peg M.

Terrific service! David definitely knows his stuff. This service is really worth the price for two important reasons: 1. Convenience - of having someone come to your house instead of having to load your mower into a car spending time, effort, and gas, (plus possibly damaging your car in the process). 2. Expediency - They were able to fix the problem quickly and without issues or extra cost

Thomas P.

... I've been using David since I first found him when he moved down from Indiana. I found him to be very personable, fast and FAIR! I have a riding mower, but no truck, so it's very difficult to service having to take it in. At Home Mobile Lawn Mower Repair was a blessing and I truly appreciate his fast, fair and excellent service. The only problem I see is he is too good and his reputation is growing leaps and bounds and he's busy! Good for him! I HIGHLY recommend them and the quick payment method without paperwork is the way to go! Thank you, David!...

Dale Sasaki

... We called him to our home because the mower deck would not properly disengage and the tractor would not start. He discovered we had two cables that needed to be replaced, an oil leak, and we also needed a new battery. He promptly phoned back with an estimate and came out to complete the work. This work also included a spring tune up. A few days later the drive belt broke. (No fault of his) He quickly returned because he knew we have a very large yard to mow. He also replaced the mower blades. He said he felt he should have replaced them the last time and they were a present from him. His bill reflected this, we however did pay him for the blades. We told him his gift was all the mowing he had done. He had come when we were gone and we were quite surprised to see how much he had mowed!!He said he had wanted to run it a while to make sure all was working well. Dave always was quick to return calls. He often answered when we phoned. He was very friendly and we will definitely have him return again. The best part was that he comes to the house to work on the tractor and you don't have to wait for it to be picked up and brought back....

Mike Peloza

... Very pleased with At Home Mower Repair. Scheduled appointment online, recieved email confirmation within a few minutes, and the service was completed successfully at the scheduled appointment time. Will certainly use this business in the future, and highly recommend At Home Mower Repair to neighbors and friends....

Sandra Rushing